Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Visit the Birth Place of "Riding the Waves"

An Oahu vacation rental is equal to the huge sea waves. Oahu is of course, the birth place of the surfing world. He’e nalu is the Hawaiian name for surfing and in their culture, has been around for ages. The earliest reference to it was on lava rock! Now a vacation rental has not been around since the 1500’s like surfing but the sport is just as awesome as one of these properties.

If you have never stayed at a Oahu vacation rental, they come with the same myths and taboo stories that surfing did over the centuries. The Kapu (social strata) were commoners that were allotted to the chiefs and they created such outrageous stories that Queen Kamehameha took it to its demise for a period of time. The vacation rentals suffer the stories at times that try to bring down the wonderful opportunity of a rental. Properties have existed that have not been up to par and have gotten very poor reviews and in turn, word of mouth spread on the bad news. However, there are many vacation rental services and websites now that give an accurate description and friendly service to all that want to visit the esteemed Oahu.

Conduct your internet search and ask around for suggestions from someone who has traveled there and stayed in a rental. We all want to visit there, with the pig roasts, hula dancers, beaches and snorkeling. Now, we can go in comfort with trusted resources in an Oahu vacation rental.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The North Shore is the ideal location for an Oahu vacation rental, don’t you say? You’d have to be insane not to enjoy the amazing beaches, clear blue water, gentle waves for body surfing, snorkeling and nightlife. The only way to experience the area as a local is by staying at a rental home. Dozens of rental homes are available from small two room locations to large multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. Most include a washer and dryer and definitely a kitchen. It will feel like you have your own vacation home and not just a rental.

Are you an avid golfer? Then you definitely will enjoy the area! Arnold Palmer created a golf course there that rivals all others. Squeeze all of the enjoyment you can out of your much needed vacation. Rental homes are more appealing to most as opposed to a hotel because it feels very comfortable. Sure a hotel can seem very glitzy and cool, but a rental home can be very comfortable and amazing. Keep all the windows open at night for the gentle breeze and the smell of the ocean. Wake up to the gentle sunshine and the birds singing…a genuine feeling of paradise. Enjoy that Oahu vacation rental, I know I will.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Your Next Getaway

If the idea of impossibly blue waters and breathtaking sunsets appeals to you, then a suggestion for your next vacation should be luxurious Oahu vacation rentals. Kailua offers a spectacular place to get away. The accommodations and amenities Kailua vacation rentals present are many and varied.

You can start your day with some rich Kona coffee, native to this area. Then you can choose a laid-back relaxing time lounging on the beach or plan your day around some of the many activities available. Either way, our Kailua vacation rentals place you right near the action. You can appreciate the variety of fabulous natural vistas. Besides offering sweeping beaches privy to delightful sea breezes, another popular activity is taking a helicopter ride. You can fly over a volcano to experience its potential power and view the lava flows. You can also experience a unique sense of history here. Leave your Oahu vacation rental for a visit to the reconstructed temple at King Kamehemeha's compound, or explore an ancient Hawaiian fishing village at Lapakahi State Park. There are many options for both sightseeing and hiking.

If your vacation plans include bringing along the kids, they may enjoy the Astronaut Ellison E. Onizuka Space Center or a not-to-be-missed ride on the Atlantis Submarine. Then you can retire to your Kailua lodging to spend the evening outside, catching a spectacular sunset over the Pacific. Or perhaps you would enjoy visiting a local establishment for some live Hawaiian contemporary music.

So if you seek a location that offers glorious views and refreshing breezes, along with plenty of activities to complete one perfect day after another, check out Oahu Vacation rentals.

You deserve only the best of Kailua vacation rentals.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some Good Reasons Why It Pays to Rent Oahu Vacation Rental

Finding a good Oahu vacation rental is not difficult and highly desirable because this island in Hawaii that is commonly referred to as The Gathering Place has so much to offer. Oahu Island is home to Honolulu the capital of Hawaii and it also can boast of another famous landmark Pearl Harbor.

If you stay in one of the numerous Oahu Vacation Rentals you will get a chance to experience the same levels of comfort as you normally experience when living in your own home. Imagine being thousands of miles from your home and living in a rental where all the comforts that you are used to enjoying at home are available in a location so far from home.

The island also has the very exciting beach called Waikiki Beach and choosing a vacation rental on or close to this beach will certainly provide you much to enjoy. Being close to a beach as wonderful and famous as Waikiki Beach offers numerous benefits including enjoying the best in wind surfing as well as taking lessons in surfing while living close-by in vacation rental that is located close to the beaches.

There are several good reasons to live in a vacation rental including for the excellent relaxation you will get to enjoy. In addition, you can also benefit from engaging in adventure sports and all you need to do to get the most out of your vacation is to book and plan your vacation well in advance.

Once you find a suitable rental you can then choose from a host of activities that you can enjoy on Oahu Island. Among other things you can visit Pearl Harbor or surf on several wonderful beaches or take a peek at the aquarium at Waikiki. Or, you can view art exhibits at Bishop Museum in Honolulu and there is even some exciting horseback riding at Kuala Ranch.