Thursday, April 1, 2010

The North Shore is the ideal location for an Oahu vacation rental, don’t you say? You’d have to be insane not to enjoy the amazing beaches, clear blue water, gentle waves for body surfing, snorkeling and nightlife. The only way to experience the area as a local is by staying at a rental home. Dozens of rental homes are available from small two room locations to large multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. Most include a washer and dryer and definitely a kitchen. It will feel like you have your own vacation home and not just a rental.

Are you an avid golfer? Then you definitely will enjoy the area! Arnold Palmer created a golf course there that rivals all others. Squeeze all of the enjoyment you can out of your much needed vacation. Rental homes are more appealing to most as opposed to a hotel because it feels very comfortable. Sure a hotel can seem very glitzy and cool, but a rental home can be very comfortable and amazing. Keep all the windows open at night for the gentle breeze and the smell of the ocean. Wake up to the gentle sunshine and the birds singing…a genuine feeling of paradise. Enjoy that Oahu vacation rental, I know I will.

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